Quotes I Liked – When God Was A Rabbit Part 1

I am splitting this post into two parts, as there were a lot of quotes I liked in this book, and some of them are a bit long, so here are the first twelve quotes I liked from When God Was A Rabbit by Sarah Winman:

“‘Without a reason, why bother? Existence needs purpose: to be able to endure the pain of life with dignity; to give us a reason to continue. The meaning must enter our hearts, not our heads. We must understand the meaning of our suffering.’” – page 13-14

“‘You said I could be anything I wanted when I was older.’ I said.

She smiled and said, ‘And you can be. But it’s not very easy to become Jewish.’

‘I know,’ I said forlornly. ‘I need a number.’

And she suddenly stopped smiling.” – page 15

“‘Are you going to die?’ I asked, and she laughed as if I’d told her a joke, and that laughter meant more than any No.” – page 33

“She was always late because she had unmanageable hair” – page 33

“She loved moments like that. The inclusiveness of family. I guess because she had none.” – page 49

“They lived in a temporary world of temporary men; a world that could be broken up and reassembled as easily and as quickly as Lego.” – page 51

“This was a world of drama, where comedy and tragedy fought for space.” – page 52

“[…] that strange day, the day when I discovered that even babies could die.” – page 56

“’I don’t want people to know I’m different’” – page 74

“It was an excess energy born of the dangerous, an energy that could unexpectedly turn play into war.” – page 103

“I wanted to be liked. But I was an outsider. And people didn’t miss outsiders.” – page 111

“‘Nothing stays forgotten for long, Elly. Sometimes we simply have to remind the world that we’re special and that we’re still here.’” – page 115


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