The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom

If you just want my opinion in one sentence, here it is: If I didn’t have to work, I would probably have read this book in one sitting.

I didn’t know this book existed, until Nicks and I were looking for a book to read next for our bookclub, but as soon as our eyes graced this book we knew it was perfect. My expectations were huge – which is a very dangerous thing, as it increases the chance of crushing disappointment -, and they were completely and utterly met. If only every book was as captivating as this.

This book tells the story of Eddie. Eddie dies at the age of 83 at the seaside amusement park, where he has spent most of his life. He does this in the hopes of saving a little girl from being crushed. In the afterlife, Eddie is set to meet five different people, who has impacted his life and whose lives he has impacted in one way or another. Not all of these people are, who Eddie expects them to be, but they each have a lesson for him about the life he has led.

An enthralling story of overlapping lives and the unexpected impact people have on each others lives without even realizing it. It is sad and lovely and I want and am going to read it again at some point, definitely more than once. This book left me with a lump in my throat more than once. It made me smile through my tears, and I am so thankful to Mitch Album for writing it. The only bad thing about this book, is that I’m afraid Nicks and I will never find a book so perfect for us as this one. It is the book of a lifetime. You should not – unless you are unable in every way – miss this book.

Britt said she’s not a fan of what she refers to as “abstract books”[Footnote: Britt never said she wasn’t a fan of abstract books, she just doesn’t like them to such an extent as Nicks] . I am utterly fascinated by them, and I love them to death. This one is abstract enough for me to build a religion around it, and concrete enough for Britt to like it. I know, I know. We are talking this book up and your expectations will be massive. That’s never good.But let me tell you some thing to get blood on your teeth – The Five People You Meet in Heaven (TFPYMIH) will change the way you look at a lot of things.

TFPYMIH also has a love in it. It’s only a subplot, but that love is so pure and beautiful that it almost made me redefine my romantic interests forever. With vivid description, I almost felt the deep infatuation and love Eddie shows. I felt how real love must feel like.

Mitch Album is a genius, and I think he deserves to have an afterlife in the kind of heaven we find in TFPYMIH.


“That’s what heaven is. You get to make sense of your yesterdays” – page 96


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