Quotes I Liked – We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

I love a good quote, so I figured I would write down the quotes that spoke to me and/or really amused me from the books I read and share them with you/my mom/the void I’m posting this to. So without further ado, here are the quotes I liked from We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler:

“One day a packet of junior-sized tampons was left on my bed along with a pamphlet that looked technical and boring, so I didn’t read it. Nothing was ever said to me about the tampons. It was just blind luck I didn’t smoke them” – page 1

“The sunset you see is always better than the one you don’t. More starts are always better than less.” – page 36

“An oft-told story is like a photograph in a family album; eventually, it replaces the moment it was meant to capture.” – page 48.

“As I developed the habit of speaking for her, she seemed to develop the expectation that I would.” – page 100

“But where you succeed will never matter as much as where you fail.” – page 102

“For Mom, Dad, and Lowell, Fern had arrived in the middle of the story. They’d gotten to be themselves first, so they had a self to go back to.  For me, Fern was the beginning. I was just over a month old when she arrived in my life (and she just shy of of three months). Whoever I was before is no one I ever got to know.” – page 107

“Fern had loved us. She filled the house with color and noise, warmth and energy. She deserved to be missed and we missed her terribly. No one outside the house ever really seemed to get that.” – page 111

“I wasn’t happy exactly, but I was remembering how happiness felt.” – page 121

“Saying nothing was more amendable, and over time I’d come to see that it was usually your best course of action.” – page 126

“Apparently, all you needed to be considered normal was no evidence to the contrary.” – page 132

“Maybe it’s sexy to be peaceful and egalitarian and not so concerned with policing female sexuality. Maybe you guys should give it a try.” – page 151

“About Washoe, Roger Route has said, she taught him that in the phrase human being, the word being is much more important than the word human” – page 158

“You learn as much from failure as from success, Dad always says. Though no one admires you for it.” – page 197

“My sister, Fern. In the whole wide world, my only red poker chip.” – page 203

“The world runs, on the fuel of this endless misery, fathomless misery. People know it, but they don’t mind what they don’t see. Make them look and they mind, but you’re the one they hate, because you’re the one that made them look.” – page 232

“I’d never known who I was. Didn’t mean someone else did.” – page 242

“The secret to a good life,” he told me once, “is to bring your A game to everything you do. Even if all you’re doing is taking out the garbage, you do that with excellence” – page 271

“Clearly, my story isn’t finished yet, not the happening of it. It’s just the telling that I’m done with here.,” – page 307

“My sister Fern. In the whole wide world, my only red poker chip. As if I’m looking in the mirror.” – page 308


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